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OESCA AKC Champion Statistics Look-Up

Created from data compiled by Greg Billings, updated by Dennis Maier

Enter search term in any field below. Only one field is needed, multiple entries are acceptable, example entering 1982 in Titled Year and a Kennel Name will display the Titled Date for all OES with that kennel name titled in that year. Data through December 2013.

Registered Name Titled Year (YYYY) Kennel Name


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Registered Name Sex Titled Date Kennel Name
CH Flea Market's O'Hare D 2003-03-08 Flea Market
CH Foursquares Anticipation B 2003-12-13 Foursquares
CH Fuzzyacre By Golly Miz Molly B 2003-05-26 Fuzzyacre
CH Glencroft Good Golly Ms Molly B 2003-08-17 Glencroft
CH Grizzlybear Aussie Roo D 2003-10-25 Grizzlybear
CH Haystac's Let's Roll D 2003-06-20 Haystac
CH Haystac's Star Spangled Lady B 2003-09-27 Haystac
CH Heathermist Charles The Third D 2003-01-04 Heathermist
CH Heathermist English Muffin B 2003-09-05 Heathermist
CH Hug's Smoke That Thunders D 2003-03-15 Hug
CH Huggy Bear's Naughty Nan B 2003-07-05 Huggy Bear
CH Indigo Larame Out Of The Blue B 2003-06-08 Indigo
CH Jazzae's Ez Ambush D 2003-04-12 Jazzae
CH Jazzae's Aces And Eights D 2003-06-01 Jazzae
CH Justbreezyn Exactly Right D 2003-07-10 Justbreezyn
CH Ken-Bear's Messenger D 2003-10-31 Ken-Bear
CH Ken-Bear's I'M Zackary Two D 2003-11-15 Ken-Bear
CH Lambluv Midsumer Night Dream B 2003-01-05 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's Escada B 2003-02-16 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's As Ewe Like It D 2003-03-08 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's What's In A Name? D 2003-04-04 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's All Fur Fun B 2003-08-31 Lambluv
CH Larame Just As I Am D 2003-08-10 Larame
CH Loehr's Maggie Mae B 2003-01-09 Loehr
CH Loehr's Dread Pirate Wesley D 2003-03-30 Loehr


First | Previous | Next | Last | Total records found: 5946, Displaying records: 4876 to 4900