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OESCA AKC Champion Statistics Look-Up

Created from data compiled by Greg Billings

Enter search term in any field below. Only one field is needed, multiple entries are acceptable, example entering 1982 in Titled Year and a Kennel Name will display the Titled Date for all OES with that kennel name titled in that year. Data through December 2013.

Registered Name Titled Year (YYYY) Kennel Name


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Registered Name Sex Titled Date Kennel Name
CH Flea Market's O'Hare D 2003-03-08 Flea Market
CH Foursquares Anticipation B 2003-12-13 Foursquares
CH Fuzzyacre By Golly Miz Molly B 2003-05-26 Fuzzyacre
CH Glencroft Good Golly Ms Molly B 2003-08-17 Glencroft
CH Grizzlybear Aussie Roo D 2003-10-25 Grizzlybear
CH Haystac's Let's Roll D 2003-06-20 Haystac
CH Haystac's Star Spangled Lady B 2003-09-27 Haystac
CH Heathermist Charles The Third D 2003-01-04 Heathermist
CH Heathermist English Muffin B 2003-09-05 Heathermist
CH Hug's Smoke That Thunders D 2003-03-15 Hug
CH Huggy Bear's Naughty Nan B 2003-07-05 Huggy Bear
CH Indigo Larame Out Of The Blue B 2003-06-08 Indigo
CH Jazzae's Ez Ambush D 2003-04-12 Jazzae
CH Jazzae's Aces And Eights D 2003-06-01 Jazzae
CH Justbreezyn Exactly Right D 2003-07-10 Justbreezyn
CH Ken-Bear's Messenger D 2003-10-31 Ken-Bear
CH Ken-Bear's I'M Zackary Two D 2003-11-15 Ken-Bear
CH Lambluv Midsumer Night Dream B 2003-01-05 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's Escada B 2003-02-16 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's As Ewe Like It D 2003-03-08 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's What's In A Name? D 2003-04-04 Lambluv
CH Lambluv's All Fur Fun B 2003-08-31 Lambluv
CH Larame Just As I Am D 2003-08-10 Larame
CH Loehr's Maggie Mae B 2003-01-09 Loehr
CH Loehr's Dread Pirate Wesley D 2003-03-30 Loehr


First | Previous | Next | Last | Total records found: 5946, Displaying records: 4876 to 4900