Non-Regular Dog Classes  

Judge: Mr. Linwood (Woody) Nelson

Veteran, Dogs.
AB 243 Ch. Tolkien Witch King.  DL754388/01.   05/11/1998.    Breeder:  Larry Stein.   By:  Ch.        Whisperwood Witch Doctor   -   Ch. Tolkien Star Of Erandil.   Dog.    Owner:  Larry & Angela Stein.
AB 245 Ch. Winchester's Make My Day, CD.  DL594372/02.   07/17/1995.    Breeder:  Donna Young.   By:  Ch. Familytree Footsteps   -   Winchesters Brightcut Chime.   Dog.    Owner:  Jim & Grace Caplan & Donna Young

1 247 Ch. Barkshire's Heartbreak Harry.  DL681922/01.   03/08/1997.    Breeder:  Jane Collen.   By:  Ch. Bahlamb's Barnyard Boss   -   Barkshire's Causin A Commotion.   Dog.    Owner:  Dodie & Hal Camicia & Jane Collen.
AB 251 Ch. Pooh Bears British Accent UD, MX, MXJ, NAP, NJP.  DL731080/02.   11/17/1997.    Breeder:  Kathie Dhuey & Catherine Cargo.   By:  Ch. Bobbinton Latin Lover   -   Pooh Bears Victoria Secret.   Dog.    Owner:  Jeff & Janet Trombo.
253 Ch. Rollickin's Chief Inspector.  DL757836/06.   09/21/1998.    Breeder:  Dick Blair.   By:  Ch. To-Jo's Pep'rmint Stick   -   Rolling Gait's Fair Adelaide.   Dog.    Owner:  Dick Blair.
2 245 Ch. Furkeep's Dancing In The Dark.  DL587306/02.   06/17/1995.    Breeder:  Janette Rolfe.   By:  Ch. Lambluv's Desert Dancer   -   Ch. Furkeeps Sooo Impulsive.   Dog.    Owner:  Chris Lawrenz & Janette Rolfe
3 255 Crescendo's Wind Beneath My Wings.  DL556443/03.   10/17/1994.    Breeder:  Phyllis S & Robert Burton.   By:  Ch. Crescendo's Feelin' Groovy   -   Ch. Crescendo's Baby Grand.   Dog.    Owner:  Bruce & Carol Kuettner & Phyllis S Burton