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Page last updated: 02/02/2016

What's New

2016 OESCA National Specialty Webpage...

Has a new responsive web design.

This new design is aimed at providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

A couple notes about the new design; you may see one or more icons of three horizontal lines similar to: especially on small screen devices, this icon, known as the hamburger icon represents a link to a menu. Click on it to expand/open the menu. You may see a traditional horizontal menu on a large screen device (where there is plenty of space), when the screen/window size is reduced the menu turns into the hamburger icon.

The 2016 National Specialty page uses both a horizontal menu/hamburger icon as a consolidated version of the OESCA Main Menu and a separate hamburger icon as a Table of Contents to link to the items on the page.

Many parts are still under construction, such as choosing colors for the menu items.

2016 OESCA National Specialty Judges

The elected judges for the 2016 OESCA National Specialty are...

  • Conformation Judge: Dale Meyer
  • Sweepstakes Judge: Chris Lawrenz & Dea Freiheit

Articles of Incorporation Restatement Notice

The OESCA Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Virginia in 1976 must be restated to align them with the 2001 Bylaws change made at AKC's request, to add a non-voting Associate Membership class.

Members can read the Notice here.

ShowSight Magazine Articles

The March 2015 issue featured the OES and included articles written by Mary Anne Brocious OESCA's Judges Education Chair and Kristine Loland with Gale Fitzsimmons OESCA's Performance and Obedience Chairs.

You can read the articles here on the OESCA website, look in the "Articles" menu. Or use the following links.

Setting Priorities & Evaluating The Old English Sheepdog As You Judge
The Old English Sheepdog As A Working Dog

Amy Howard will return as Editor of the Old English Times.

Effective April 2, 2015.

The deadline for the June issue is April 25. Amy is looking for advertising and will be happy to assist anyone in setting up an ad. Submissions of articles (along with permission to reprint from the original source) are welcome. Please feel free to contact Amy at axh8oes@verizon.net or call her at 814-234-8597 - she will be happy to answer any questions or help you with an ad. Suggestion for new contact or features welcome.

Information on OET policies, ad's and deadlines for submissions can be found here.

The process for electing the 2015-2017 Board of Directors has begun.

The nominating committee has been selected. The results are available to Members here.

The video of Dr Olby's presentation at the 2012 Health Seminar is now available to everyone.

See the table of contents menu in the CA Information Center. Health > CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy).

Or access it here.

Proposed OESCA Region's realignment

As a directive from the members at the 2014 Annual Meeting the Board of Directors is seeking your input on the realignment and reduction of regions and Directors (from 5 to 3).

Members can learn more about it here.

It is time to pay dues for the year 2014/2015,

watch your mailbox for the dues notice.

Dues payments, donations & membership information updates can now be done online.

The Membership Dues webpage has been updated with the 2014/2015 information.

Special Promotion...

See the OET Information page (under Club Information) for pricing and requirements.

Please note that the Front Cover and Inside back cover are sold.

This promotion has expired





Promote the 2014 Nation Specialty...

By purchasing and wearing the Logo Wear

2014 OESCA National Specialty...

Plans are taking shape, and more information is now becoming available along with reservation forms for the banquet (and other meals), grooming space, RV parking and vendor space.

Be sure to visit the 2014 OESCA National Specialty webpage for the most current information.

Reminder - the "Table of Contents" contains many click-able links that can take you directly to the information, or download the forms, you need.

2015 OESCA National Specialty Judge's

Conformation: Edy Dykstra-Blum
Sweeps: Joy Sheffield
Match: Amy Howard

Full results are available in the Members Area Locked

OESCA Election Results

Results of the Old English Sheepdog Club of America 2013-2015 election of Officers and Board of Directors are available to Memebers in the Members Area Locked

Website Updates

In an effort to make the OESCA website more accessible via a wider range of devices (tablets & smartphones) I will be making changes throughout the website.

I anticipate little or no disruption.

The first step was to make the menu system more device friendly, this step has been completed.


2013 Nominating Committee - Slate of Officers...

is available in the Members Area Locked

2014 National Specialty Judge's Ballot Results

Conformation: Ray Owen
Sweeps: Chris Lawrenz Angela Stein
Match: Marilyn Marshall

Full results are available in the Members Area Locked

Join US


Producing Champions

Three new statistics pages can be found under Club Information > Statistics.

Display a list of Dams, Sires or Kennels producing champions, lifetime through 2012 or by any year.

2014 National Specialty Judges' Ballot Form

Updated (March 22, 2013) information is in the Members Area Locked

OESCA AKC Champion Statistics Look-Up

Champions by Year - Found under the Club Information menu, then look under Statistics.

Has been updated to include data through 2012.

A Celebration of Breeders

An article written about the OESCA 2012 National Specialty
by Marilyn O'Cuilinn and Linda Zimmerman

Published in the October 2012 issue of Dog News. Article begins on page 62.

The Cerebellar Saga - Why do Dogs with CA Wobble?

New icon Read the official announcement from NC State University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Presented by Dr. Natasha Olby
at the 2012 Health & Research Committee Health Seminar.

The OESCA has permission from Dr. Natasha Olby to use the recording of her seminar for the education of Club members. OESCA does not have permission to make these materials available for public use at this time.

Dr. Natasha Olby noted neurologist at NC State Veterinary School, has been working with OESCA to help find the marker gene for Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) aka Cerebellar Ataxia. CA is an Autosomal recessive disease. This means that each parent has to be (at least) a carrier for a dog to be affected. The finding of this marker has been the work of almost 20 years of dedicated work on the part of OESCA and various researchers, including Dr. Olby. This video is the presentation she made to the OESCA at the 2012 National Specialty in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Additionally, the test for CA is now available from the NC State University, College Of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

For more information on CA, please visit our CA Information Center.

2012 National Specialty Results...

are beginning to be posted on the results page. This page is currently a work-in-progress, information will continue to be added over the next few days.

Our past National Specialty Winners

You can find the New icon list of National Specialty Winners under Club Information. Clicking on the dogs name will display his/her pedigree. This information is also displayed when displaying a pedigree that includes a winning dog.

Do it for our Breed!

OESCA Health & Research and CHIC Partnership.

Blood draw for CHIC DNA Repository and Thyroid Testing at the 2012 National Specialty.

Learn more about it here.

Important Message from the OESCA President!

Please read it here.

Reminder - Go to TOP of Page (shortcut)

This is especially handy, now that many of the pages on our website are very lengthy.

In the lower right corner of most pages you will see this icon Go to TOP, clicking on the icon will take you directly to the top of the page, making the menu (and Table of Contents, if present) easily accessible..

Results & Photos from local OES shows and events...

will be posted, under Shows & Events, if sent directly to the OESCA webmaster. They cannot be retrieved from online forums/lists or other websites. Arrangements can be made for large quantities of photos.

Important Message - Act Now!

--- UPDATE --- Deadline Extended ---

Sign AKC's Petition to Protect Responsible Small Breeders.

Deadline is July 15th Wednesday August 15th 2012.

Legislative Alerts can be found in the "Club Information" menu.

2013 National Specialty Judges

Conformation: Martin Doherty
Sweeps: Marnie Harris
Match: Colton Johnson

The complete ballot results are available in the Members Area

Get The Letters Out!!!

An Important Letter from the OESCA Legislative Liaison.

Legislative Alerts can be found in the "Club Information" menu.

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship - Judges Poll

From the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Event Coordinator: "We have re-instituted a past program where we ask the Parent Club(s) for input in the selection process. We would like each club to reply with a list of up to five (5) individuals you consider most knowledgeable of your breed."

OESCA Members, please submit your suggestions using this form. You will be prompted to log in. The form is also available from the Members Area.

ShowSight Magazine Articles

Articles written by three OESCA Members have been published in the May 2012 issue of ShowSight. Way-to-go, Mary Anne Brocious, Kristine B. Loland and Dianne McKee-Rowland.

ShowSight has given the OESCA permission to use the articles. You can access the reprinted versions from the "Articles" menu.

Just Like Clockwork...

Used with permission from Today’s Breeder magazine, Nestle Purina PetCare.

From the Health menu look under "Breeding & Reproduction"

Accredited Colleges of Veterinary Medicine – Offering Clinical Trials

A listing has been compiled by the HRC to help increase awareness of the many different types of research and therapies that are currently being offered by the various veterinary medical schools here in the US. The listing can be found on the Health menu.

Upcoming Events...

under "Show & Events", has been updated with numerous upcoming OES events. If you known of an event that includes OES's please let your Regional Director know about it so he/she can submit it for the website.

Westminster page...

can be found under the "Show & Events" menu.

Two New Articles from the OESCA Legislative Liaison...

"Legislative Alerts" can be found under the "Club Information" menu.

OESCA Wins Best In Show...

at the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba Invitational Meet The Breeds. Visit our Meet the Breeds coverage, under the Shows & Events menu.

2010 OESCA Annual Awards...

announced during the National Specialty are available from the Members Area, the 2011 National Specialty Results page and here.

Migration to wider pages throughout the website...

has begun. Some pages may experience short interruptions. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Again, I wish to thank Deb Lengyel for her assistance.

Enhancement to Members Look-Up

The Members Look-Up feature has been enhanced by the addition of a Goggle Map of the members location. The map is located at the bottom of the details page.

Introducing a gallery of photos submitted by OESCA members for your enjoyment and to reflect how these wonderful dogs touch our lives.

The "Fun" Photo Gallery is accessed by a new "Just for Fun" main menu item.

Note: the Gallery is displayed on a NEW WIDER PAGE layout that is being tested.

I wish to thank Deb Lengyel for her continuing support of the website by providing us with the redesigned wider banner/header.

Members "Fun" Photo Gallery - Photo Submission

Photos submitted by OESCA Members will be displayed anonymously in a Fun Photo Gallery for the enjoyment of all, members and non-members. Additionally, photos may be placed though out the website to enhance the appearance of the webpage/website. They may also be used in any OESCA endorsed printed or digital publication.

Access to the photo submission form is from the Members Area and also from the members Profile page.

"County" added to membership address information

Please update your membership profile with the County you live in.

Is your OES CHIC ?

See those that are.

New Online Membership Management System

Each membership will have its own User Name and Password, of YOUR choosing. Once logged in you can access your membership profile page where you will be able to update your password, mailing address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and many other items about your membership. If you lose or forget your password, you will be able to request that it be e-mailed to you.

Your NEW membership User Name & Password will also be used for access to the OESCA Members Area.

NOTE: To use the NEW system and to continue to have access to the OESCA Members area, the primary member MUST have a valid E-mail address on file.

Pedigree Search - Enhanced

The OESCA Open Health Registry Pedigree Search database, now available from the "Breed Information" menu, has been enhanced.

Added is the ability to dynamically ("on the fly") calculate Wright's Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) and the Ancestor Loss Coefficient (ALC) and display them for the first 3 generations in "Pedigrees", "Reverse Pedigrees", and "Trial Pedigrees.

Also new, is the capability to display photos for the first 3 generations in pedigrees. You can use our submission form, accessible by clicking on the "Additions/Corrections" button on the search page, to submit photos to be included into our database.

For an example see this pedigree.

AKC Breeder of MeritRecognition for AKC Breeder of Merit

By displaying a thumbnail image of the AKC Breeder of Merit for OES web banner in the Breeder Referral listing for the member. Let me know if you have received this recognition from the AKC and would like the thumbnail placed by your listing.

Go to TOP of page

In the lower right corner of most pages is a small icon Go to TOP, clicking on this icon will take you to the top of the page, making the menu easily accessible..

Member Look-Up

You get to it from the "OESCA Member Area" menu.

To use it, enter any amount of information in any field. Example: MI in State will list all members in Michigan, mi in Last Name, will list all members with "mi" in their last name. Currently for the Breed Interests fields you must enter only the first letter. Example "C" for Conformation. These fields will eventually be replaced with check boxes.

From the Results page, click on the magnifying glass icon to view the Details page.

This new function will be refined as testing continues.

Other examples: entering "great" in Region and "H" in Herding will display all members In the Great Plains Region with an interest in herding.

Note: All references in quotes above, are entered without the quotes.

Glycogen Storage Disorder (GSD) in some OES
We need your help!

There is research being done on OES by Colorado State University (CSU) and Florida State University investigating what what is believed to be Glycogen Storage Disorder (GSD) in some of OES. This disorder is associated with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). CSU has requested that we ask the members of OESCA for any animals that have had one or more hypoglycemic episodes (low blood sugar) in their OES. The purpose for this request is to help determine if this is an isolated problem in a small group of OES or if it could be a more wide spread disorder. We ask that you report only dogs who have had documented (i.e. blood work performed by their vet) cases of hypoglycemia. Please send in the medical histories of such dog if possible. It is not necessary to send in pedigrees on these dogs and all information shall be kept strictly confidential.

Please contact David C. Twedt, DVM, Diplomat ACVIM, at Colorado State University for more specific information (david.twedt@colostate.edu) or Michelle Redfern, DVM (member OESCA HRC at redfern1@windstream.net for general information regarding this disorder and how you may be able to help ongoing research.